President briefs dignitaries about Kashmir issue, highlights its importance for regional, Intl. peace

TOKYO, Oct 22 (APP): (APP):President Dr. Arif Alvi attended the enthronement ceremony of the Emperor of Japan and met several dignitaries during the state dinner hosted by the Emperor. 

He discussed various issues of mutual interest with the dignitaries and briefed them about the blatant human rights violations in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The President briefed the dignitaries on Kashmir issue and highlighted its importance for regional and international peace. He underlined that without amicable resolution of Kashmir dispute, South Asia could not have lasting peace.

Furthermore, he emphasized that right to self-determination was the fundamental right of the people of Kashmir and it could not be suppressed by force, as India had tried in vain to do for the last 70 years. 

The President also highlighted the investment potential of Pakistan, especially the investment-friendly policies of the present Government.

He underscored that ensuring ease of Doing Business was the top priority of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan was a very beautiful country and had a huge tourism potential and invited the dignitaries to visit Pakistan.

The President met Amir of Qatar, Prince Tamim, Crown Prince of Bahrain, Prince Salman, and Representative from Saudi Arabia and discussed their excellent bilateral relations and friendship with Pakistan.

He also met Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and invited him to visit Pakistan. The President also briefed him on Kashmir issue.

Furthermore, he met President of Lithuania and President of Estonia and appreciated the progress the latter’s country had made in ease of doing business through incorporation of IT.

He also met the President of Maldives and his wife and briefed them about Kashmir and underlined that South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) must be revived for sustainable peace in the region. 

Moreover, President Alvi met President of Singapore Halima Yacob and her husband, President of Montenegro, King of Bhutan and his wife, Prime Minister of Japan, Crown Prince Fredrick of Denmark and his wife, President of Armenia, President of Bulgaria and his wife, Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, President of National Assembly of Mali, President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, President of Albania, President of Iceland and his wife, King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and his wife, Prime Minister of Serbia, Crown Prince of Norway, Foreign Minister of Sudan, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burkina Faso.

The President also met Sultan Abdullah, King of Malaysia and Queen, and thanked them for their staunch support on Kashmir.

He also had a talk with President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani about Kashmir and peace in Afghanistan. Moreover, he discussed the issue of Kashmir with VP of Iran (lady) Joneidi.