Women welcome 25percent quota under Kamyab Jawan Programme

ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (APP):The young female representatives Sunday hailed 25 percent quota for women in Kamyab Jawan Programme a successful step to promote women entrepreneurship in the country.

The launching of Kamyab Jawan Program of Prime Minister Youth Affairs Program (PMYAP) has become a hope for women of poor and marginalized households to achieve a decent source of income; they expressed their views in an exclusive talk with APP.

Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Member National Assembly Andleeb Abbas told APP that the programme was a necessary step to ensure women with equal participation for development of the country.                                                                             

She said that authorizing women to participate fully in economic activities in all sectors was essential to build a strong national economy.            

She  said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s government always focused on pro women laws for having their strong economic footings.                                                                        

Social Activist, Robina Khalid said providing women with equal opportunities would lead to a healthy and prosperous society which would ultimately reduce discrimination and violence in the society.

Robina said this initiative by the government has been widely supported by the female especially young and educated women across the country.                                                                

Zainat Khatoon, a poor woman appreciated the government’s effort and termed it as unique in the country’s history. She said, “I was working in a garments’ factory and end up with a small salary that left my family suffer with miseries.” After her husband died she was the sole bread winner of her kids, she added.

She said many uneducated women had the potential to start their own innovative business ideas which needed money. The Kamyab Jawan Programme had created a new hope for poor women to materialize their dream of a successful business that would provide a secure future of their children, she added.

Zainat said, “Women have always been neglected by previous governments, however, PTI has successfully tried to empower them equally.”

“I am highly grateful to Prime Minister Imran as I will start my own business of an online food outlet by Kamyab Jawan Programme Loan,” she stated.

According to a PMYAP official, to empower young women the amount of Rs 25 billion has been allocated in the loan scheme.

He said keeping in view the fact that women constitute half of the total population, the government set its prime objective to make them economically sound.                    

He said it was vision of PTI’s government to make women stronger and more confident, especially in managing their life expenses and claiming their fundamental rights.