Thousands march through New York City in protest of Trump


NEW YORK, Jan 21 (APP):Hundreds of thousands of people filled New York City streets Saturday to protest President Donald Trump and
his agenda on the one-year anniversary of his inauguration.
The marchers said they came to support religious freedom,immigrants, women and universal health care.
They also protested Trump’s proposed wall on the long U.S. border with Mexico
Others said they marched simply to show their displeasure with Trump.
The coordinated rallies in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago and about 250 other cities are a
reprise of the mass protests that marked the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Sister rallies were also
planned in Britain, Japan and other countries.
“This is our time” said actress Rosie Perez, firing up the audience outside the Trump International Hotel
& Tower in New York City. “This is our moment! We are going to keep the pressure on. … We will let
them know that we are here, and we are not going anywhere.”
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said roughly 120,000 people joined the march, while
policemen on the ground said as many as 200,000. At one point, the rally stretched more than 20
blocks along Central Park West. It was one of 200 women’s marches planned this weekend around
the world.
Marchers sung and chanted in front of the Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle, calling it a’shithole’ a reference
to what the president allegedly called African countries during a recent Oval Office meeting.
Governor Mario Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and other politicians also attended the protest.
“We have seen tremendous aggression and discrimination against women,” Cuomo said before a crowd
of hundreds of thousands. “It’s been an ugly time in many ways.”
De Blasio called last year’s Women’s March – the greatest single protest in the history of United
States of America – and telling Trump “this shutdown is the result of the division and hatred that you
created” referring to federal government’s shut down over budget impasse.
“When the government fails you, do it yourselves,” the mayor said. His wife, Chirlane McCray,
added,”We value women. We respect women. And everyday we fight like hell for women.”
“W’re going to stand up and march and w’re going to march forward every day until we actually
make change” Cuomo declared.
Organizers hope to build on the energy felt by Trump opponents after his surprise election victory
in 2016 and channel it into gains for progressive candidates in November’s mid-term elections, using
the theme “Power to the Polls.”
Organizers want to register 1 million new voters and get more strong advocates for women’s rights
into office.
Activists say Trump’s policies rolling back birth control and equal pay protections have propelled many
women into activism for the first time. In Virginia state legislative polls, 11 of the 15 Democrats elected
were women.