BEIJING, March 21 (APP):Secretary General, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Vladimir Norov Thursday lauded Pakistan and India responded positively to calls by SCO Member States for restraint and a political and diplomatic solution to their bilateral conflicts.
“We are sincerely glad that the calls for restraint and a political and diplomatic solution to bilateral conflicts from all SCO Member States were heard by the parties”, he said during a press briefing in response to a question about the recent situation between India and Pakistan.
He said, the whole world had heard clear signals from the parties not to escalate relations and their readiness to fully understand and follow the principles established within the Organization.
“In addition, to offer mediation of the Member States of the Organization as there is an intention to resolve the differences in a bilateral format,” he added.
The SCO Secretary General observed that before joining the SCO as full members, India and Pakistan committed themselves to strictly implement all the provisions of the legal framework that has been developed by the Member States of the Organization.
“One of such fundamental obligations is not to bring bilateral contradictions and disagreements to the SCO family, as the SCO is not engaged in the settlement of disputable bilateral issues, whether border, water or other topics in relations between individual Member States.
“These issues must be resolved and are being resolved through bilateral consultations and dialogue, goodwill and mutual reasonable compromises,” he added.
He said the most important condition for participation in multi-disciplinary cooperation within the SCO was the commitment to unconditional and consistent struggle against terrorism, separatism and extremism.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for the two States to participate in the SCO, he added.
Vladimir Norov said that India and Pakistan in the SCO had common ground and were ready to work in the SCO format to ensure regional security, joint counteraction to complex challenges and threats, sustainable socio-economic development.
He said that it should not be forgotten that India and Pakistan participated in the activities of the Organization as observers for 12 years and their accession to the SCO was preceded by a fairly long preparatory stage.
“Currently, representatives of India and Pakistan are actively working in two permanent bodies of the organization – the SCO Secretariat and the Executive Committee of the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure,” he added.
He said both the countries also took part in the activities of all SCO working mechanisms.
“More than 300 servicemen of India and Pakistan took part in the international anti-terrorist exercises “Peace Mission-2018”, which took place at the Chebarkul test site of the Chelyabinsk region of Russia at the end of August 2018, which testifies to the joint and effective work of these two countries within the SCO,”he added.
He remarked that the accession to the SCO of two large and influential States of South Asia was of particular importance for the Organization and for the Eurasian region, as well as for the accession States (India and Pakistan) themselves.
Vladimir Norov said that being at the same negotiating table, and on a regular basis and in different formats, India and Pakistan were now in the process of a permanent dialogue on all issues which are currently in the agenda of the SCO, he added.
“It is well known that constant dialogue, especially based on the convergence of long-term strategic interests, contributes to the strengthening of mutual understanding, trust and the search for new points of contact,” he added.