Saudi Arabia launches project to dismantle mines across Yemen



RIYADH, Jun 25 (APP):The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Monday launched a project to dismantle all kinds of mines from across Yemen which had been planted by the Houthi militias.
The “Saudi Humanitarian and Biological Demining Project” (MASAM), to be implemented by Saudi cadres and international expertise, also aims at helping Yemeni people to overcome the humanitarian tragedies caused by the spread of mines and to enable them to take responsibility in the long term.
In this connection, an inauguration ceremony was held here attended by Director General of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Rabeeah, Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid Hussein Al Yamani and Secretary-General of the International Civil Defense and Civil Defense Organization Dr. Vladimir Kalashnikov and others.
Addressing the event, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Rabeeah said King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center had played a major role in assisting the Yemeni people and took part in 262 projects worth over $1.6 billion to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.
He said more than 600,000 mines had been counted in the areas that were liberated from the coup militias, as well as 130,000 sea-based anti-ship mines, internationally banned mines, 40,000 mines in Marib governorate and 16,000 mines in Mayyun island.
He indicated that in just one year, “the National Demining Program” recorded a large number of casualties and injuries. He also shared the number of landmine victims and services of the Artificial Limbs Center to installed prostheses to them.
He confirmed that in the past three years, Saudi Arabia had provided more than US$11 billion in aid to Yemen and added that the demining project would serve the Yemeni citizens and ensure the current and future security.
In his address, Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid Hussein Al Yamani described “MASAM” as a life project. He said the mine layer was one of the means used by the militias to punish the Yemeni people and increase the suffering of criminal violations in international humanitarian law and related conventions.
He said the mines take different shapes and colors and sizes corresponding to the nature of the land and the place making it difficult to discover.
Al-Yamani pointed out that the Houthi militias planted about one million mines in different parts of Yemen which had killed more than 693 and injured 704.
Secretary-General of the International Civil Defense and Civil Defense Organization, Dr. Vladimir Kalashnikov said mines always posed a great threat and a mortal threat to human lives, not only to military personnel, but also to civilians.
He said all the institutions providing assistance and protection to civilians must meet the expectations of the world and produce tangible results and conclusions on how to fight the mines.
The event also featured the launching of an exhibition in which he gave a demonstration of a live demining. The exhibition reviewed the most important achievements of demining and the installation of prostheses for victims.