Reforms in health, education to shape new Pakistan: Buzdar


LAHORE, Sep 09 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Sunday that they are working by day and night to implement 100 Days Plan of Imran Khan in its true essence also a Steering Committee and 15 Sub Committees have been set up for it.
Likewise a working group has been devised in order to fulfill the promise of setting up of a province in South Punjab on administrative grounds. He said that they will introduce a comprehensive and long-lasting policy to eradicate poverty from under-privileged districts of Punjab.
In another statement, Sardar Usman Buzdar said that they will bring agricultural reforms to expand production capacity and change in agricultural marketing as well as livestock culture which will be fruitful for farmers. Master plan
will be formulated to ensure safety of Water in Punjab, he added and further shared that reforms in education and
health will bring real change.
The Chief Minister said that provision of clean water is included in 100 Days Plan. He said that Women Development project will give new identity to Pakistan as it is impossible to move forward on the road of progress without active participation of women.
Construction of 50 lac houses will be a hallmark of PTI government as we are resolute to give our new
generation a safe and healthy environment. Usman Buzdar said that they are presenting Green Growth policy in
order to tackle with global warming issues and are determined to fulfill all promises made to the public.