PFC to display furniture items in Mexican Intel Furniture Fair


ISLAMABAD, May 14 (APP):Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) will display Pakistani handmade traditional furniture products in Mexican International Furniture Fair going to be held from May 23.
This was decided at a board of directors meeting held under the chair of PFC Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq on Monday,” says a press release issued here today.
He said there is no doubt that Pakistan must explore trade and investment opportunities in North American countries including Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.
He said all PFC directors discussed in details about the possibility of enhancing furniture trade in Latin America and we are all agreed that there is a great scope for Pakistani handmade furniture in Mexico.
“We are talking about a huge market – 120 million people.
The average age of youth in this region is around 25 or 26, so in a few years those people will make the biggest furniture purchases ever,” he observed.
He further said Pakistan will have to face tough competition in furniture markets if our furniture exporters want to hit Mexican markets. He said the biggest challenge is present in form of China over there as China’s furniture products are cheaper than us but we can compete with China in traditional furniture being produced in sub-continent.
Mian Kashif said Mexico and Pakistan have good prospects for improving trade and exports and businessmen of both countries should be encouraged to take more initiatives for tapping all untapped areas of mutual cooperation especially in furniture sector. He said Mexican entrepreneurs are interested to know about Pakistan’s business procedures for setting up new businesses and potential areas of investment in Pakistan including in the area of furniture.
He said that Pak-Mexico bilateral trade of about $200 million per annum does not reflect true potential and both countries have great potential to improve trade and broaden cooperation in multiple areas.
He said our trade is quite narrow as Pakistan exports to Mexico some traditional goods such as textiles, garments, rice, surgical equipment, sports equipment and clothing while Mexico exports to Pakistan iron and steel products, wood pulp, capital goods and agricultural products. Both countries should make efforts to diversify bilateral trade by focusing on non-traditional items especially furniture products.
He highlighted Pakistan’s interest in several initiatives including a bilateral investment treaty and free trade agreement (FTA).He said strong trade relations would provide enhanced regional access to both countries as Pakistan is a gateway for Central Asia and Mexico could provide Pakistan better access to North American countries.
He said He said many countries have shown interest in Pakistani Furniture; they like our hand-carved designs on furniture with classic and fine finishing and similar designs could be replicated in the North American furniture markets.