Pak achieves MDGs in environment sector: Survey


ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP): Pakistan has successfully achieved the set targets under Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in environment sector.
According to the Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16 released here Thursday said that the government has undertaken several projects and programmes to support the environmental goals.
Many projects have been completed such as
capacity building, provision of clean drinking
water, environmental management, biodiversity,
air pollution control and watershed management,
urban development, promotion of tourism,
restoration of lakes and water bodies,
environmental awareness, waste management.
To combat desertification and land degradation, the government started an umbrella project with the assistance of UNDP. First phase of this project has been completed and targets such as institutional and knowledge capacity building, feasibility studies for testing Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices and designing full demonstration investments has been achieved.
Second phase of this project is also under implementation in 14 districts of Pakistan with approved cost of Rs.1666.67 million.
The government is also working with several NGOs, INGOs and United Nations Organizations, such as Leads, WWF, IUCN and UNEP on environmental issues and has implemented projects in capacity building on climate change adaptation, environment rehabilitation, mountain area and wet areas conservancy and provision of clean drinking water.
Target of access to improved water resources through hand pump, electronic motor and tap water has also been achieved.
Progress is on track to meet the target for land protection for the conservation of wildlife as a percentage of total land area.
However, Pakistan’s performance on other targets such as forest cover and lowering the Sulphur content in high speed diesel as well as access to sanitation and energy efficiency by the proportion of population is not remarkable and is behind in achieving these targets compared to its regional counterparts.
Ministry of Climate Change has taken many initiatives to increase the awareness and to change the attitude of people regarding environmental issues as well as strict compliance of government regulations to achieve environmental sustainability targets.