Old notions to be replaced through education: Pervaiz

LAHORE, June 4 (APP): Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Saturday said that old notions would be replaced with new ones by promoting tolerance and love through education.

The children needed to be imparted education which was free from intolerance, narrow mindedness and extremism in order to defeat terrorism, he added.

The minister was addressing the closing ceremony of a two day training workshop “Counter Terrorism: Strategic Communication and Media Engagement” under the auspices of Pakistan Peace Collective (PPC) during the 104th National Management Course (NMC) here at the National School of Public Policy (NSPP).

He said it was necessary to teach that “we can be good Pakistanis despite having different religious beliefs, language, race and creed.”

He said a person could be a good Pakistani with different identity and religion and the worship places could not be destroyed for being of different belief.

Pervaiz Rashid said the worship places of others could not be
demolished on the basis of beliefs. The state did not discriminate among its citizens on the basis of dogmas and religious beliefs.

“It is necessary to adopt same narrative on peace for others as we choose for ourselves rather than having different standards,” he said. “We, as a nation, must put as much effort for durable peace for others as we do for ourselves.”

He said our social behaviours and cultural values did not have an iota of terrorism. “Terrorism flourished because we turned a deaf ear to it.”

About the importance of communication, the minister said democracies promoted communication and used it for better purposes while the dictatorships and autocracies were wary of it. The art of communication should be used for spreading truth.

“It is not only drones that violate our sovereignty but nefarious acts of foreign terrorists are also a crime,” he said. The country had suffered due to the bad policies of the past regimes but “we must get rid of the same,” he added.

The minister said people learnt from failures and catastrophes. “We, as a nation, have learnt a lot from our past failures and tragedies while we are endeavoring that our next generations do not have to face such failures.”

Pervaiz Rashid also gave away certificates to the participants of the training workshop. Dean, NSPP Naeem Aslam and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PPC Bushra Taskeen were also present.