ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (APP): Pakistan Navy’s medical teams have
extended their services to the earthquake affected people of
areas of Guligram and Islampura, Saidu Sharif.
The teams, including lady doctors and female assistants are
providing medical assistance round the clock and patients are being
provided with free medicines.
According to a PN spokesperson here Friday, Pakistan Navy’s
liaison officers have been attached with National Disaster Management
Authority (NDMA). A close liaison is being maintained with the NDMA to coordinate earthquake relief efforts in the affected areas.
Keeping with the pace of its earthquake relief activities
Pakistan Navy’s Relief Operation has extended its reach to adjoining
areas of Swat for provision of all possible support to the
earthquake victims.
The relief goods transported through special aircraft and
trucks have been distributed in the areas of Janikhel and Akhund
Baba in coordination with NDMA.
Relief collection points established by the Pakistan Navy at
Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and coastal bases are collecting relief
goods for their onward dispatchment to earthquake affected areas
through special sorties of PN’s aircraft.