KARACHI, Oct 30 (APP): Lieutenant Adeel Rana and Detective Elvis
Vukelj of the New York Police Department held a panel discussion on
community policing with law and criminology graduate students at the
U.S. Consulate General Karachi.
Both Rana and Vukelj are members of the Muslim Officers
Association and have extensive experience working with immigrant
communities in New York, a US Consulate statement here on Friday said.
`We are excited to be here in Pakistan and to share our
experiences’ said Lieutenant Rana, who immigrated to New York from
Pakistan in the 1980s.
Karachi and New York, he said, are both dynamic mega-cities with
diverse populations, and police in both cities face similar
`We want to share our knowledge of community policing in the hope
that our counterparts here can learn from those experiences’.
The U.S. State Department funded Rana’s and Vukelj’s visit. While
in Pakistan, they are showcasing the positive impact of American
Muslims in the United States.