Lord Nazir urges nation to get united against Indian atrocities in held Kashmir


MULTAN, Nov 28 (APP): Lord Nazir, member of British House of Lords, Saturday urged the Pakistani nation to get united against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.
Talking to the media here, he condemned extremist policies by followers of any religion or sect against believers of other religions. The Muslims were being subjected to human rights
violations across the world, he regretted.
He said he condemned the extremists whether they were Buddhists, Hindus, Daesh or Al-Nusra Front. Daesh, he added,had no link with Islam, which was a religion of peace and
Responding a question, he said there was no evidence that
Daesh was created or patronized by the British government. He,
however, added that the former British regime was responsible
for overthrowing Sadam’s government in Iraq on false pretext
of maintaining lethal weapons.
Lord Nazir said he led a big demonstration against Indian
Prime Minister Nirendra Modi upon his official visit to
Britain. The UK administration was compelled to close doors
of Downing Street, its Prome Minister’s official residence, to
the Indian leader.
He said the Pakistan Army was bravely fighting the
menace of terrorism in the country. He was against corruption,
nepotism and bad governance.
Former federal minister for religious affairs Hamid Saeed
Kazmi was also present at the conference.