Japanese envoy celebrates Emperor Naruhito’s 60th birthday


ISLAMABAD, Feb 20 (APP):The Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Ambassador Matsuda Kuninori Thursday expressed his wish to further strengthen bilateral relationship based on Skilled Foreign Workers and Technical Intern System introduced last year on top of the traditional economic cooperation.

He said this while addressing a reception which he and his wife hosted to celebrate the 60th birthday of Japan’s emperor Naruhito.

He also expected more Pakistani people to visit Japan this year especially on the occasion of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics.

Federal Minister for Energy (Power Division), Omar Ayub Khan was the chief guest on the occasion. The reception was attended by ministers, parliamentarians, senior government officials, members of the diplomatic community and other dignitaries from the public and private sectors.

Later, Ambassador Matsuda along with the distinguished guests, after the national anthems of Japan and Pakistan cut a cake to celebrate the first official birthday reception for the Emperor Naruhito who will become 60 years old on February 23, this year.

February 23 – the birthday of the Emperor is celebrated as a national holiday in Japan. The Era of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito’s reign is called Reiwa. Japan celebrated the beginning of the new imperial era of Reiwa or “beautiful harmony” as new Emperor Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne on 1st May 2019, a day after his father Akihito abdicated.

The term “Rei-wa” consists of two kanji characters: “rei” means beautiful, “wa” means harmony. Moreover, this name “Reiwa” includes the meaning of culture coming into being and flourishing when people bring their hearts and minds together in a beautiful manner.