Current rain spell most significant one of this monsoon: Met office


ISLAMABAD, Aug 9 (APP): The ongoing rain spell is the most significant till now in the current monsoon season with good showers in Sindh and Balochistan besides Punjab,Khaber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir and FATA.
An official of Met office told APP that during this spell heavy fall lashed at coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan which usually receive less wet spells as compare to other parts of the country.
This spell is likely to continue till Friday, he said here on Tuesday. For next 24 hours metrological department forecast rain-thunderstorm (with isolated heavyfalls) at scattered places in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Faisalabad,Sargodha, D.G.Khan divisions,Islamabad and Kashmir while at isolated places in KP, FATA, eastern Balochistan (Zhob, Kalat, Naseerabad divisions), Mirpurkhas, Sukkur divisions and Gilgit-Baltistan.
Heavyfalls may generate flash flooding and landslides in the vulnerable areas of Punjab, KP, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir.
Heat low lies over North Balochistan. Monsoon low pressure area lies over northeast Rajasthan which is likely to move slightly northwestwards during next 24 hours. Under the influence of this weather system, strong monsoon currents are expected to penetrate in upper and central parts of the country during next 48 hours. A westerly wave still persists
over northern parts of the country.
In last 24 hours rain-thunderstorm occurred at scattered places in Lower Sindh, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Malakand, Makran divisions, Islamabad, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.
Rainfall recorded during this time span was Punjab: Rawalpindi (Chaklala 46mm, Shamsabad 29mm), Jhelum 37mm, Mangla 26mm, Islamabad (ZP 19mm, Golra 30mm, Saidpur 25mm, Bokra 10mm), Gujranwala 12mm, Gujrat 10mm, Sialkot (AP 02mm, City 01mm), Sindh: Islamkot 43mm, Dhaheli, Nagerparker 20mm, Chachro 09mm, Chhor, Diplo 08mm, Mithi 04mm, KP: Malamjabba 39mm, Saidu Sharif 16mm, Kalam 09mm, Balochistan: Lasbella 10mm, Kashmir: Rawalakot 10mm, Kotli 02mm, Gilgit-Baltistan:
Bunji 03mm.
Maximum temperatures recorded on Tuesday were Dalbandin 43øC, Nokkundi,Turbat 42øC, Bhakkar, Sukkur 41øC, Multan 38øC, Skardu, Quetta 37øC, Lahore,Faisalabad, Peshawar, Chitral 36øC, Hyderabad 34øC, Hunza, Muzaffarabad 33øC, Karachi, Kalat 32øC, , Dir, Islamabad 31øC, Gilgit 27øC and Murree 22øC.