207,799 students benefitted from PM free reimbursement scheme


ISLAMABAD, July 31 (APP): A total of 207,799 students have benefitted
from Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Less Developed Areas
from financial year 2012-17.
According to the document of Higher Education Commission (HEC)
available with APP, 9,720 students of PhD, 49,402 students of MS/MPhil
and 148,387 were the students of master.
He said 7,105 students have benefitted from the scheme during fiscal
year 2012-13.
As many as 51,995 students benefitted from fee reimbursement scheme
during FY 2013-14. 52,658 students benefitted from the scheme during the
FY 2014-15.
And the fee of 49,280 students were reimbursed during the financial
year 2015-16. 49,436 students took benefit from PM’s fee reimbursement scheme
in 2016-17.