UN must regain its credibility as central instrument for promotion of peace: PM

UNITED NATIONS, Sep 21 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif om Wednesday said the United Nations must regain its credibility as the central instrument for the promotion of peace, prosperity and liberty.

“To that end, it should become more representative,
transparent and accountable,” Nawaz Sharif said while
addressing the 71st Session of the United Nations General
Assembly here.

He said in the turbulent and interdependent world, the
United Nations remained an indispensable organization to
restore order and ensure global peace, stability and

“Its principles remain the crucial pillars of international legality, the guide for the conduct of Member States and the guarantor of the legitimate rights of all nations and peoples,” he added.

The Prime Minister said a comprehensive and democratic
reform of the Security Council, which Pakistan supports,
should enhance its relevance and representation. “Creating new centers of privilege will do the opposite,” he remarked.

He said Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to the UN was
well established, adding, “We have played a pioneering and
consistent role in UN Peacekeeping.”

The Prime Minister said despite its own security requirements, Pakistan will remain one of the world’s largest
troops contributing countries and maintain its record of
success in multiple UN peacekeeping operations.

He said Pakistan had a vital stake in ending conflicts, fostering peace, fighting terrorism, strengthening democracy,
promoting human rights, generating global growth and
overcoming the challenges of environmental degradation.

“We can achieve these goals, and create a new and
peaceful world order, only through the United Nations and by
strict adherence to the principles of its Charter,” the Prime
Minister added.