Rs 90bln to be spent on Haveli Bahadar Shah power project: CM

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LAHORE, June 19 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has inspected the 1230-megawatt gas power plant in Haveli Bahadar Shah area of Jhang in detail on Monday.
He visited different areas of the plant including the control room and expressed his satisfaction over the speed of work. The CM also held meetings with different engineers and  workers there, says a handout issued here.
Talking to them, he said that they were doing national  service by working on a project of national importance and this role would always be remembered in the history. He said that the project was a milestone for overcoming load-shedding.
He said that 750-megawatt electricity production would start  within a week. This would help further decrease load-shedding,  he added.
Electricity generation will start from Monday night at
Haveli Bahadar Shah plant on trial basis. The first turbine
of this important project will start electricity production
on trial basis, he added. He said that under the leadership
of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, PML-N government’s
efforts for overcoming load-shedding had started bearing fruit.
While talking to the media persons during his visit to
Haveli Bahadar Shah Power Plant, the chief minister said that
we had to fight both darkness as well as its supporters. He
vowed that we would succeed on both fronts with the support of
the people and grace of Almighty Allah.
He said that the elements desirous of our failure in
journey to development, in fact, want to see the people
unsuccessful, but conscious people of Pakistan would not allow
it to happen. He said that the development made in the energy
production during the last four years had no example in
the 70-year history of Pakistan. He vowed that domestic as
well as industrial consumers would be provided required
He paid tributes to local and international experts and
workers working day and night in scorching heat on this
important project with commitment and passion. He further said
that the PML-N government was setting new records of
development in Punjab while the opponents were engrossed
in levelling allegations. An amount of Rs 90 billion
will be spent on this project, concluded the chief minister.