PML-N govt made unparalled progress in South Punjab: CM

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LAHORE, Nov 12 (APP):Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad
Shehbaz Sharif has said that measures taken by the PML-N
government for progress and development are producing results.
He said whenever PML-N came to power it served the public
with constructive thinking and patriotism, adding that all
promises of public service have been materialized.
The chief minister expressed these views while talking
to parliamentarian from Muzaffargarh Sultan Mehmud Hinjra.
He said new history has been made by working on the
projects with hard work, honesty, and continuous struggle.
He said sincere and fair measures taken during this government
that have no parallel in 70 history of Pakistan.
Shehbaz Sharif said four and quarter years of our
government were a proof of transparency, service and honesty
and journey of progress and development would be forwarded
in the future as well.
He said billions of rupees have been spent on development
projects in neglected areas and special attention is being
paid on South Punjab. He said mobile health units, Daanish
Schools, modern hospitals and big educational institutions
have been established in South Punjab.
He said Tayyip Erdogan Hospital of modern facilities had
been set up in South Punjab, adding the Punjab government was
adding 250 beds to the hospital from its own funds.
He said South Punjab had been given 10 percent more funds
in comparison to its population. He said the PML-N government
has made all-out efforts for resources in South Punjab.
The chief minister said today South Punjab was moving
equally with central and north Punjab. He said in the past
only rhetoric was made, but our government has taken practical
step for progress and development in South Punjab.