PAL organizes ‘Naatia Mushaira’


ISLAMABAD, Jun 9 (APP): Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) organized a
“Naatia Mushaira” in connection with the Holy Month Ramzan-ul-Mubarak.
Renowned intellectual and poet, Muhammad Izhar-ul-Haq while presiding
over the Naatia Mushaira said, this was a commendable step by PAL to conduct “Naatia Mushaira” of Ramzan.
This tradition has been maintained by PAL since years.
There is a traditions of writing Naat in Pakistan and almost all the
poets have proudly and eagerly wrote Naat Sharif which is the part of Pakistan’s history.
Ali Akbar Absas was the chief guest while Najeeba Arif was the guest
of honor. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio, Chairman, PAL presented their keynote address.
The proceedings were conducted by Manzar Naqvi.
Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio, said that Pakistani languages specially, Naat
written in Urdu language could compete from every perspective with the Naat written in Arabic and Persian.
“After Arabic and Persion, our national language Urdu is the only
language in which Naat is written and recited which is a matter of great honor and pride for Pakistan and all Pakistanis.”
He said that PAL was a national organization working for promotion and
development of Pakistani languages.
Renowned poets of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad including Muhammad Izhar-ul-Haq, Dr. Ehsan Akbar, Tauseef Tabassum, Ali Akbar Abbas, Najeeba Arif, Aziz Qureshi, Mehboob Zafar, Wafa Chishti, Shakeel Akhtar, Manzar Naqvi, Anjum Khaleeq, Rehman Hafeez, Khurshid Rabbani, Junaid Azar, Arif Farhad, Dr. Mazhar Abbas, Tabassum Ikhlaq, Mazhar Shehzad, Shaida Chishti, Shahab Safdar, Farhat Abbas, Hassan Kazmi, Ilyas Babar Awan,
Khaleeq Ur Rehman, Ali Qaswar, Hassan Abbas Raza and other recited their Naatia poetry.