Operation Khyber-4: Forces clear 110 square km area at Rajgal



RAWALPINDI, July 28 (APP): Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) of
Pakistan Army said on Friday that the Forces have cleared 110 square kilometers area at Rajgal during the ongoing operation 4.
Forces are searching cleared areas of Wucha Wana, Bagh, Ziarat Sereh and
Pak Darra, while a number of terrorist hideouts have been dismantled and IEDs neutralized, an ISPR statement said.
In Punjab Pakistan Rangers along with CTD / Punjab Police conducted
operations against terrorists and their facilitators. During last 48 hours, 42 suspects were apprehended from Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. The apprehended individuals are suspected of providing harbouring places to the terrorists in the suburbs of Lahore and Islamabad.