Nawaz a political reality and heartthrob of people: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD, July 28 (APP): Marriyum Aurangzeb, Pakistan
Muslim League- Nawaz leader and former Minister of State
for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage said on
Friday that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was a political reality and
the heartthrob of the masses, who had elected him thrice as
Prime Minister of Pakistan.
She said that Nawaz Sharif was a leader of the people in his
own right who did not need the chair of the Prime Minister to
establish his credentials in this regard.
She was talking to the media after the Supreme Court verdict
disqualifying the Prime Minister. Marriyum said that he could
neither be driven out of the hearts of the people nor stopped
from serving them adding that today was the darkest day of
our history.
She said that seen in the historic backdrop, the decision of
the apex court was not surprising but very regrettable. She
remarked that neither in the SC verdict nor in the report of the
JIT a single case of corruption or misappropriation of public money
by Nawaz Sharif during his stints in power as Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Punjab had been pointed out or identified.
She said that the party would go through the detailed
verdict and consult its legal and constitutional experts to firm
up its appropriate response and future line of action.
Marriyum said that some decisions were given by the courts and
some were delivered by history and the masses and Nawaz Sharif had invariably been vindicated by history and the court of the
She emphatically declared that PML (N) was the biggest
political party of the country and history was witness to the
fact that whenever Nawaz Sharif had been removed from political power
he had bounced back by with greater strength with the
support and unmitigated love of the people adding that the days were
not far off when he would stage come-back as Prime Minister for
the fourth time.
Marriyum said no matter whoever was the Prime Minister of
the country, Nawaz Sharif would remain Prime Minister in the hearts
of the people.