Maryam Nawaz to let the people of Pakistan decide


ISLAMABAD March 24 (APP): Maryam Nawaz from her childhood to now has had her life shaped by events that mark political epoch in
the history of Pakistan.
This was stated by Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage, Marriyam Aurangzeb on Friday.
Maryam Nawaz has developed keen political insights and
strong political acumen over the decades and has been pivitol in
designing many of the health care, education and youth programmes that would conventionally be outsourced to developmental agencies.
She has a great affection and patriotism for Pakistan. Maryam for past three years has been a close aid for her father, tirelessly supporting him to lift Pakistan economically and socially, she added.
She is an architect of Pakistan’s unprecedented health, education and
Prime Minister youth programme that are being implemented by CADD and Health Ministry she added.
Maryam Nawaz has been very active not only on health, education and youth of Pakistan, but it is her love for social sector and for the people of Pakistan that has ignited the spark for Maryam to run for public office.
Her work on health, education and youth programme has helped her to build sustainable ties and trust with the international community and partners, gaining immense respect highlighted by the recent BBC report on 100 most influential daughters, for all the great work she is doing for the people of Pakistan.
Responding to the question about family and comparison between Hamza Sharif and Maryam Nawaz she said that Hamza Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are each others strength, underpinned by great respect for one another as Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif.
She concluded that Maryam Nawaz passes the merit test and cannot be deemed as a hereditary politics, however same cannot be said
for the recent entrant Bilawal Bhutto.