Janjua urges writers, poets to play role in fighting terrorism


ISLAMABAD, Apr 18 (APP): National Security Advisor Lt General
® Nasser Khan Janjua Tuesday said that role of writers and poets was important to abolish the mindset that breed terrorism.
He was talking during one day symposium titled “The Role of Writers in National Security” on Tuesday jointly organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and National Security Division.
He said, “I have placed a clear picture of Pakistan from the perspective of security and now its upon writers as to how they highlight the major aspects of national security.”
“We need to move ahead with mutual understanding and harmony and take positive and wise decision for the sake of our motherland. This is the only way to get rid of terrorism from our country.”
He said national security does not only mean to protect borders of the country but is also associated with other significant matters of the country like economic, environmental and political development, defense of masses, education and health.
“We are blessed with a rich fertile country and we should get advantage of it completely, so that our country could flourish in a positive way.”
Janjua talked about efforts made to create national harmony in Balochistan.
Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio Chairman PAL in his welcome speech said need of the hour was to highlight the role of writers in creating a peaceful society.
He shed light on the chief objectives of the seminar and emphasized that all the literary figures and intellectuals should sit together and find a solution for eradicating terrorism.
The participants who attended the symposium included Muhammad Izhar ul Haq, Muhammad Hameed Shahid, Sarfraz Shahid, Mehboob Zaffar, Gulzar Hasnain, Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik, Masood Mufti, Wafa Chichti, M.R. Shafaq, Shoaib Khaliq, Dr. Tauseef Tabassum, Qasira Alvi, Iqbal Hussain Afkar, Tariq Naeem, Prof Waseema Shahzad and others.