Chinese kites exhibition to start from May 23

ISLAMABAD, May 19 (APP): China Culture Centre in collaboration
with China Study Centre and COMSATS Art Gallery would organize a
two-week unique exhibition of Chinese kites from May 23 to June 7 at National Art Gallery.
Chinese kites may be differentiated into four main categories:
Centipede-Kites, Hard-Winged-Kites, Soft-Winged-Kites, Flat-Kites
and Mini-Kites.
WeiFang is a modern city with many traditions. The city is
known from ancient times and has a rich history and culture of more
than 1000 years. Kites from WeiFang are amongst the best ones in
During the Spring-and-Autumn-Period and the period of the
Warrying-Empires (475-221 v.u.Z), some 2300 years ago, the first
kite had been developed in the province of Shandong.
The first descriptions of kites made with bamboo frames
covered by paper and silk, originate from the Tang Dynasty (618-907
o.o t.).
Todays quality kites sometimes are constructed according to
these historic patterns mimicing a living birds when landing.
The kite from WeiFang entered history abaout 1000 years ago
and was part of the territory of the ancient Warrying Empires (475-
221 o.o.t).
The city of WeiFang had been a main centre of kite building
since the Ming- and Qing-Dynasties.
Since 1984 the city is hosting the largest international kite
festival on earth. It usually takes place in the midst of springtime
at the end of April. In 1988 WeiFang had been declared the Capital
City of Kites.