China asks world for recognizing Pakistan sacrifices in war on terror


BEIJING, Aug 22 (APP): China Tuesday asked the world to recognize
Pakistan’s great sacrifices and important role in the fight against terrorism.
“Pakistan is at the forefront of the counter-terrorism efforts. For
many years, it has made positive efforts and great sacrifices for
combating terrorism and made important contributions to upholding world peace and regional stability,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said while reacting to the US President’s speech on Afghanistan,
during her regular press briefing here.
“We believe that the international community should fully recognize
the efforts made by Pakistan in fighting terrorism,” she added.
The spokesperson said the Chinese side supported the international community in enhancing the international counter-terrorism cooperation
and forming synergy.
“We welcome the counter-terrorism cooperation conducted by Pakistan
and the United States on the basis of mutual respect and their joint commitment to the security and stability of the region and the world,”
Hua said.
She hoped that the relevant policy of the United States could help
promote the security, stability and development of Afghanistan and the region at large.
Hua Chunying said the Chinese side was always committed to developing friendly relations and cooperation with other countries on the basis of
the merits and demerits of the matter, its long-held position of objectiveness and fairness and the Five Principles of Peaceful
“I have said just now that we have noted the relevant speech of President Donald Trump and hope that the relevant policy of the United States can be conducive to promoting the security and stability of Afghanistan and South Asia,” she added.
The spokesperson also hoped that the United States and Pakistan
could carry out counter-terrorism cooperation on the basis of mutual
respect and make concerted efforts for regional security and stability.
“China attaches great importance to the Pakistan-Afghanistan
relations and maintains that the sound and steady Pakistan-Afghanistan relations serve the common interests of the two countries and the region
at large,” she added.
She said not long ago, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Afghanistan and Pakistan upon invitation and mediated for the improvement
of their relations and the advancement of the reconciliation process
in Afghanistan.
During the visit of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the two countries
showed goodwill towards each other and what needed to be mentioned was
that they agreed to set up the bilateral crisis management mechanism, she added.
Going forward, she said, the key was that the two sides needed to conduct concrete consultations on how to put that mechanism into
effective function so as to work out viable methods to truly bring the
role of the mechanism into full play.
The spokesperson said recently, Pakistan and Afghanistan had
conducted a series of friendly engagements and dialogues which were appreciated by the Chinese side.
“We hope that the two sides can continue to take positive measures
to improve their relations. In the process of the improvement of their relations, as their friend and neighbour, China is willing to
continuously play a constructive role as its capacity allows,” she
Responding to a question about President Trump’s intention to development closer relations with India, she said, “We welcome the
normal and friendly relations developed between the United States and
India as long as the relations do not harm the interests of other
countries and can contribute to regional peace, stability and
Hua Chunying hoped that the normal development of the US-India
relations could play a constructive role in regional peace and
“As for whether the development of the closer US-India relations
will affect China-India relations, the growth of friendly relations
between China and any other country will not target any third party and
we hope the growth of US-India relations will not target any third
party, either.”
She hoped the trilateral relations among China, the United States
and India could constitute a virtuous interaction since that serve
the common interests of the international community and the fundamental interests of the people in the three countries.
Regarding India’s joining the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) and
its listing in the 1267 Committee, she said, “We have stated our position multiple times and I will not repeat it.”
She said the Indian side should think it over or reflect on what
impact had its recent illegal trespass of the boundary in Dong Long had
on the Chinese people.
The fact that India illegally crossed the boundary was clear-cut, the excuse was absurd and the logic could not hold water, she added.
“We have also taken note of the recent words and deeds of India and
hope that India can live up to his words and translate its remarks that
it hopes to develop friendly relations with its neighbors into concrete policies,” she added.