Next 10 years appear to be promising for Pakistan: Says a Report

ISLAMABAD, Oct 21 (APP):The National State of Future Index a policy think tank, on Saturday launched its study report saying that next 10 years would be better for Pakistan in every field.

The chairman of Pakistan State of Future Index, said that the study is built on evaluated different country-specific elements, which affords a country the means of tracking its performance over time.

He said that study indicates reveals that next 10 years would be tremendous for Pakistan in every filed.

On the occasion Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder Foresight Lab and Founding President AGAHI said that with this national study, Pakistan leads the region in futures research in public space, this is where this nation is winning.
The dominating trend in the inaugural report indicates that the growth potential of the internet is significant in Pakistan; this study would be gradually builds confidence and it would be help the decision-makers draft policy frameworks where technology could become the core element in ensuring the well-being of the people, he added.

CEO and Chairman Interactive Group of Companies highlighted that the current study has the potential of becoming a very useful tool for objectively evaluating the direction Pakistan to be progress in future.