Turkish PM calls President; extends Eid greetings prosperity of country, masses

ISLAMABAD, July 5 (APP): Felicitating the nation on the auspicious occasion of Eidul Fitr, President Mamnoon Hussain has prayed for the well-being and prosperity of the country, masses and Islam.

“The day of Eid is not a mere festival, but it is like a symbol that relates to tolerance, fortitude, peace and serenity, mutual harmony and peaceful coexistence,” the President said in his message on the occasion of Eidul Fitr.

He said the objective of exhibiting self-control by the Muslims during Ramazan-ul-Mubarik and learning good attitudes during this holy month was that they make these acts part of their lives and become the source of promoting peace and security and love and affection in society, country and ultimately the whole world.

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“In the present circumstances, the message of Ramazan- ul-Mubarik’s training and the holy festival of Eid has become more important, so that the pleasures can be returned back to the world, faced with the critical problems caused by terrorism and injustice. This is what our religion teaches,” the President remarked.

He said,”The day of Eid also teaches us to involve the  under-privileged segments of society in our delights on this auspicious occasion; and bring them at par by fulfilling their needs so that ground is made for the elimination of social inequalities, because our objective is to build a society, which is free of all kinds of inequity, and its people lead a
prosperous life.”


The President also called upon the masses to involve, in their Eid joys, the people facing law and order situation in various parts of country, law enforcing personnel and the displaced people.

“We have to distribute our Zakat and Fitra in a way that these can reach the deserving people,” he added.

The President said, “I pray to Allah Almighty to make our dear country the cradle of peace and progress and continue to bless us with His bounties. Ameen!”