Muslims celebrate Eid across US on same day, condemns terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON, July 6 (APP) : Muslims across the United States celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr across the United States on Wednesday with traditional fervour and zeal, one of the few times when the Muslim holy festival is observed  on the same day in the country.

Eid prayers were held in mosques in Virginia, Maryland, DC
Metropolitan Area and in other states. In Virginia, Dar-ul Huda, the
oldest Islamic center in the state, arranged five Eid prayers in
Waterford area to enable all worshipers to offer prayers according to
their work schedule.

In their sermons, Imams strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and said that attacks on the holy city of Madina tantamount  to attack on entire Muslim Umma.

A large number of Pakistani Americans offered prayers at the Dar-ul-Huda. Special prayers were offered for the peace in the United
States and around the world, especially their motherland Pakistan.

“Shukrana” prayers were also offered for the fast recovery of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from an open heart surgery performed in London
early last month. In sermons, prayer leaders highlighted the fact that
Islam is a religion of peace and does not allow violence of any kind. It
was emphasized that those terrorists who were killing in the name of religion were not Muslims.

Meanwhile, a spokesman of the US State Department, John Kirby,
condemned the attacks in Jeddah, Qatif, and Medina which marred the final days of Ramazan and brought sorrow to so many innocent families.

“We stand — as we have stood — with the people of Saudi Arabia as
they confront the scourge of terrorism. These attacks underscore the
scope of the threat we all face, and remind us of the need to continue
to stay focused on combating violent extremism and bringing those responsible for it to justice,” the spokesman said in a statement.

ADAMS Islamic Center, representing a large group of Muslim community, also expressed deep sorrow over the horrific attacks in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“We are especially devastated by knowing these attacks took place in
the holiest of months for all Muslims, and in direct contravention to
the spirit and good will of the sacred month of Ramazan at the sacred
city for all Muslims, Medina,” ADAMS said in a statement.

“The attack in Medina was undoubtedly an assault on Islam itself and
an atrocious assault on the world’s Muslims, many of whom come from all corners of the world to the sacred city.”

The group reaffirmed that the terrorists around the world were
traitors of Islam and their activities had been outside the fold of
Islam, which was exemplified by their attack against the Prophet
Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) Mosque in Medina, Saudia Arabia.