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ISLAMABAD, Dec 13 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday once again categorically reiterated that he would not give an NRO to any opposition leader facing graft cases.

In an apparent response to Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) public meeting in Lahore today, the prime minister tweeted that whatever PDM leadership might have plans to blackmail the government, ‘There will never be an NRO from my govt. no matter what tactics the looters devise.’

“Let me once again reiterate: I will never give an NRO. Whatever future plans of further blackmail PDM may have, my message is categorical: There will never be an NRO from my govt no matter what tactics the looters devise,” he posted.

NRO-National Reconciliation Ordinance, the controversial piece of legislation was enacted by former president general retired Pervez Musharraf during 2007 to grant amnesty to politicians, political workers and bureaucrats accused of corruption, embezzlement of public money, money laundering, illegal assets etc. It was declared unconstitutional and illegal by the Supreme Court on Dec 16, 2009.

The prime minister in related tweet noted that it was pathetic of the PDM’s leadership which had spent so much money, time and efforts by endangering peoples’ lives during Covid 19 spike.

All was done to get NRO and save the looted wealth, he added.

“Pathetic. PDM spent so much money, time, effort & displayed utter callousness by endangering ppl’s (peoples) lives during COVID19 spike – showing the scant regard they have for citizens’ safety & well-being. All this just to blackmail me into giving them an NRO to save their looted wealth” he further tweeted.