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Following what the PTI said was a flop Lahore PDM power show, Prime Minister Imran Khan went on to the social media to sum up the opposition’s months long activity as “Pathetic”.

“I will never give an NRO”, Khan said in a tweet, after the PDM Lahore gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan, being touted by the PDM leaders as “historic” with a “sea of people”, who would force the government to quit. But in reality the 11 parties failed to fill even quarter of the huge public park.

Imran Khan said the PDM won’t be getting an NRO, despite spending huge money, time and effort, to blackmail him for an NRO, just to save their looted wealth.

“I will never give an NRO”

Imran Khan

“Whatever future plans of further blackmail PDM may have, my message is categorical: There will never be an NRO from my govt no matter what tactics the looters devise.”

In a series of tweets, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the Pakistan Democratic Movement, a grouping of eleven opposition parties, spent so much money, time, effort on holding a public gathering, which they claimed would be “historic”.

“There will never be an NRO from my govt no matter what tactics the looters devise”

Khan pointed that the alliance displayed “utter callousness by endangering ppl’s [people’s] lives during COVID19 spike – showing the scant regard they have for citizens’ safety & well-being.”

“All this just to blackmail me into giving them an NRO to save their looted wealth.”

The national daily death toll for the past two days has been over 70, with an average of around 3000 fresh coronavirus cases a day. Only on Sunday Lahore reported 36 deaths due to the deadly covid-19 virus.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of Nawaz Sharif and leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Chairman Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto and Maulana Fazalur Rehman of JUI-F had made tall claims that Dec 13 would be a day of change.

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There were claims by opposition leaders that entire Lahore would be out on the roads in protest as members of parliament of the opposition parties would tender resignations, announce date for long march on Islamabad and bring in end to the sitting government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. However the power show turned out to be an embarrassment.

Abid Sher Ali received flak from PTI supporters after he shared a mammoth gathering at Minar-e-Pakisatan, which proved to be an old photograph of Imran Khan’s historic jalsa in October 2011.

Imran Khan, seemed little bothered by such antics, spent a rare leisurely day relaxing and having a good time with his pet dogs – Sheru and Tiger, at his private Banigala residence.

His pictures in casuals were shared on his party’s instagram account @imrankhan.pti and got an immediate positive response from his huge base of followers.

Meanwhile President Arif Alvi too spent a leisurely holiday trekking the scenic Margalla hills.

President Arif Alvi undertakes a nature walk on Margallas
President Arif Alvi undertakes a nature walk on Margallas

The president in a message on twitter said he went for a long early morning nature walk and hike at 7 am after Fajr prayers.

“Along with my grandson Zaafir 17. First, we did trail 5 in the Margallas. Saw deer, monkeys, skunks & birds. Beautiful Pakistan.”

He mentioned that the trail was clean, showing that the Pakistanis were becoming more responsible.

“Makes me proud,” he posted on his twitter handle.

The President said he took the walk without any protocol and covered 20 km distance and and incline of 600 meters.

“Which is like 182 stories. Spent a great relaxing day, with Allah’s grace, I am fit,” President Alvi, who is 71 years old said in his tweet.