LAHORE, Oct 23 (APP): The Post Graduate Medical Institute
(PGMI) has contributed towards swift and in-time completion of
various projects at Lahore General Hospital (LGH) to cater
the needs of patients and staff.
This was stated by PGMI’s Board of Management (BoM) Chairman,
Gen (R) Zia ud Din Khawaja while presiding over the BoM meeting
here Friday.
He said revolutionary steps were being taken to ensure
effective healthcare system and provision of medical facilities
at the LGH.
Eulogising the services of Prof. Khalid Mahmood, he said
Prof Khalid had done tremendously for transparent use of
funds on Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences at LGH.
Participants of the meeting also appreciated the services
of former Principal PGMI Prof. Anjum Habib Vohra and recommended
his name for the membership of Board of Management of PGMI.