ISLAMABAD, Sep 4 (APP):Chief Officer (CO) Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Syeda Shafaq Hashmi despite heavy rain in the city on Friday paid an emergency visit to the Green Belts, Parks of Sector I-10 and H-11 Graveyard.

The Chief Officer directed the Director Environment West to coordinate with the representatives of the area and the local community to work out a plan of action to improve the situation system in Sector I-10.

During a visit to the H-11 graveyard, Syeda Shafaq Hashmi expressed anger and displeasure over the poor sanitation condition and directed the staff of cleaning the area and opening of all closed drains within three days.

The CO Metropolitan Corporation also reprimanded the staff for poor sanitation and bad condition of Green Belts in Sector I-10. The staff on duty had complained the chief officer about the lack of funds and staff.