ISLAMABAD, Mar 21 (APP):Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq Thursday, hailing Malaysian
Prime Minister first 3-day official visit to Pakistan, said this significant visit will also open new
avenues of economic development besides further boosting bilateral trade.

He said the upcoming visit of Malaysian Prime Minister would be a another epoch-making event
in numerous achievements of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) led government at the foreign policy
front during the past seven months, a press release issued here said today.

This tour would express Malaysian investors confidence in Pakistan’s market potential, noting
that the investment policy of the country was one of the most liberal in the region.
He further said this tour would help forge unity among Muslim Ummah, which was an urgent
need of the hour to boost trade among Muslim states to cope with global economic challenges

Mian Kashif said that a number of investors and businessmen will also be part of Malaysian
Prime Minister’s entourage and Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) will hold one-to-one meeting
with them to chalk out plans of bilateral interest sectors.
He said Pakistan’s balance of trade with Malaysia historically was in favour of Malaysia. In
order to overcome the trading imbalance, there was a need for diversifying trading products,
besides Palm Oil. One way of doing this would be to increase the volume of exports of furniture,
food products and garments, he added.

He said PFC would play its role for boosting local furniture sector and in this regard, it would
dispatch delegations to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam to explore new vistas
of trade in furniture industry and invite furniture makers and investors to visit Pakistan and
invest in Pakistani furniture sector to earn billions of rupees as there was huge scope and
ample opportunities in this sector for investment.

He said Malaysia would provide opportunities to Pakistani furniture producers as there was
great potential of expanding furniture trade as Pakistani handmade traditional furniture had
high demands in international markets.

PFC chief underscored that there should be regular exchange of meetings between the
investors and businessmen of the both countries. He further said the country was now
looking into the ease and cost of doing business in the country.