CPEC opens ways for other foreign investment: CM

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LAHORE, Mar 17 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said the CPEC was a progressive venture for the success of individuals of Pakistan.
Besides Pakistan other countries in the region would also benefit from the project as it will generate economic activity which will create numerous employment opportunities here, he added.
An investment of 54 billion dollars through the CEPC had opened up ways of foreign investment as the CPEC was a game changer and guarantor of progress, the CM said.
The chief minister said responsibility to execute the project of national interest successfully lies on us all as it will bring about prosperity in Pakistan, said a handout issued here.
He said the CPEC was praised by friends and censured by adversaries and the individuals who were contradicting this open welfare venture were enemies of the public.
Negative and pother politics of sit-in trend setters was the reason behind delay in this important project likewise organizing successful PSL Final in Lahore was also reprimanded by them as such elements were against public interest due to their vested interests, he added.
He said Pakistan economy was bankrupt when PML-N came to power in 2013 as nepotism, defilement and loot did by past rulers had left the nation in murkiness.
He shared gladly that today’s Pakistan was on the way of improvement out of the winding of issues and a great deal more steady when contrasted with 2013 which was the result of solid strategies of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.