Ali Zaidi pays tribute to doctors, paramedical staff for treating corona virus patients

ISLAMABAD, Mar 28 (APP):Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi Saturday extended tributes on behalf of his government to the doctors, nurses and paramedics staff engaged in providing treatment facilities to coronavirus patients.

“I salute to our doctors and medical staff who are fighting with this deadly virus from the frontline by putting their lives into risk, he said while talking to PTV news channel.

They are serving the nation by working day and night, he said, adding, it is high time to appreciate the medical staff and cooperate with them in this crucial time.

The general public should self examined the symptoms before reaching to a conclusion, he mentioned.

The most important thing to understand right now is not to overlap seasonal flu and allergy with Coronavirus symptoms, he added.

He suggested that the best remedy is to observe self-isolation in case of mild symptoms.

I appeal the citizens to stay at home and avoid interaction with other people because you may risk the lives of other people with weak immunity system.
I appeal to the nation to forget all differences and get united to fight against corona pandemic, he added.