Youm e Takbeer testimony that PM could not be bowed or bought: Pervaiz

Youm e Takbeer testimony that PM could not be bowed or bought: Pervaiz

MUZAFFARABAD, May 28 (APP): Minister for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Perviaz Rashid
Saturday said Youm e Takbeer is testimony to the fact that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif could not be bought or bowed.

Addressing Youm e Takbeer Workers Convention, he said only brave and courageous leader could decide to conduct atomic blasts. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif could never allow any hurdle in the prestige and honour of the country.

He said Nawaz Sharif’s wealth is people of the country. People would protect the prestige and honour of Nawaz Sharif as their prestige and honour was enhanced by conducting six atomic blasts.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had made country’s defence
impregnable, he said adding that Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan would be defeated in forthcoming elections of AJK as 2018 elections are still far away.

AJK people would bury the politics of lie and accusations in
ensuing AJK elections. People planning protests and sit ins would punish people of the country instead of the government.

He said the Prime Minister has sent his love and affection to
the people of Muzaffarabad. PM had told him that the people of AJK should be intimated about problems, hurdles Nawaz faced before conduct atomic blasts on May 28, 1998.

He said he knew that people of Kashmir was curious about
retaliating India’s blasts, because the world was creating impediments for Pakistan’s retaliation.

He said even intellectuals at that time asked Nawaz Sharif
that the government will have to face challenges and difficulties in case of conducting blasts.

US President Bill Clinton, had telephoned five times to Prime
Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif asking him to avoid conducting atomic blasts, but Nawaz refused.

President Clinton had offered $5 billion to Nawaz Sharif if he
avoid atomic blasts. Nawaz Sharif has no interest in minting money but is only concerned with upholding dignity of the country.

On May 11, 1998, Prime Minister had asked atomic scientists about time period of retaliating India, they demanded heavy funds resources and three to four week time for retaliating India in same tone.

He vowed providing required funds and not making any
compromise on dignity and honour of the country.
On May 28, Pakistan conducted six blasts, which were only
possible when the leadership is brave and courageous.
Criticising PTI chairman Imran Khan making wrong accusations against the prime minister.

He said Prime Minister was punished on making country’s
defence impregnably. Prime minister was ousted from the country. The entry of his family was banned in the country.
He said we were deprived from our beloved PM in 1999 despite making motorways, fighting Kashmir case, conspiracies started.

Now who are talking about sit ins, protests without any crime.

Prime Minister had made country’s defence impregnably now he was striving to nation economically self sufficient. Youth of the country would no more require to find jobs abroad. Jobs would be provided to them at their native cities.

Prime Minister was bringing electricity from South Asian
states and exploring electricity production from Thar coal. Prime Minister wanted to provide jobs to country’s youth.

PM has ordered completion of Neelum Jhelum project by 2017 instead of schedule completion year of 2022. Nawaz Sharif said he would decrease PM house expenditures for early completion of Neelum Jhelum, he said.

He lamented that conspiracies like sit ins and street
demonstration were being hatched against the prime minister who was planning to provide gas, electricity. Why such a personality was being punished.

He said punishments of atomic blasts had been forgiven but due to sit ins and protests whole nation was being punished. People would reject, who would come out of streets and punish the conspirators of Nawaz Sharif.

Country’s constitution provides complete procedure of

He said accountability should be done in accordance with the

Loan defaulters should also prepare themselves for
accountability. Change was visible in Punjab and Balochistan where workers of Nawaz Sharif were ruling. The success of the Nawaz Sharif workers of in AJK elections will ensure prosperous Kashmir.