World waiting attentively for CPC National Congress’s outcome: Shaukat Aziz

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BEIJING, Oct 21 (APP)::Former Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz Saturday said that the world is watching attentively to see what is the outcome of the Communist Party of China’s National Congress, a major event for China and happens only once every five years.
China’s impact, presence and importance in the world have grown extensively because of its reforms, economic growth, geopolitical and diplomatic clout, and its membership of the United Nations Security Council, which gives China a big role in global affairs, he told China Daily in an interview published here.
He said, since Xi Jinping became the top leader, China’s importance and its global brand have expanded and developed. Now China is a major global player, and the world wants to know Xi’s views.
Shaukat Aziz said that Xi Jinping is a powerful leader who is passionate about improving China and the world, and the future of the Chinese people.
He is clearly a world-class leader and a man of peace, and China is fortunate to have a strong leader who is interested in change and improvement.
While sharing his thoughts about the Belt and Road Initiative, he said, the initiative is an excellent concept that shows China’s desire to help its neighbors and other countries build connectivity, interdependency and links for global development and peace.
Because China is a member of the UN Security Council, through bilateral actions it can influence the world in a positive way. So I believe the initiative is a game changer for the world, and certainly for the countries along the Belt and Road, he added.
On the importance of this initiative, he said the United States, China, Russia and the European Union are the four main centers in the world, but other centers are emerging.
So countries need to look beyond their borders, and look holistically at challenges and opportunities. If nations can work together, we can avoid any potential disputes and look at positive remedies, he added.
He said that China’s growth and strength will make the world stronger. This is an excellent example of a developing country becoming more important in terms of geography, security, economics and human development issues. This places a lot of responsibility on the country, but that’s a healthy development.
Regarding China’s role on the global stage, he said that China is clearly at the center of the global stage. The US, Russia, China and Europe all play major roles. The US plays a greater role than the others, as it has a long history of global involvement. Sometimes, there is agreement and sometimes disagreement, which is healthy.
Shaukat Aziz opined that the shift has been gradual, but now it’s maturing, and in time China’s role will increase. And it is a most decisive role. It’s not just about security and trade, there are also issues of human development. Looking at Asia, China has a major role to play.
The Belt and Road Initiative is going to benefit the region around China. Asia will be the biggest beneficiary. Eventually, it will go beyond Asia to Africa and Europe. So the emergence of China is good for the world.
About shouldering of global responsibility by other players, he said that any time you have a country like China coming on the scene, the world benefits, adding, there are more players. The US has a unique role, and China is becoming more prominent, and that’s healthy.
Russia remains a major global power. Europe, of course, has a role because many countries in Europe have links with other nations around the world, and that gives them an insight that some others may not have. And then there are emerging countries looking for recognition.