US embassy leads trade delegation to promote innovation in agriculture


ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 (APP): U.S. Embassy Economic Counselor Joel
Robert Garverick will lead a delegation of senior Pakistani government officials, businessmen, farmers and agriculture experts to Atlanta,
Georgia, to promote US-Pakistan bilateral commercial ties and increase
trade and investment in agriculture.
According to a press release, the delegation will remain in US
till February 4 and will attend the 2017 International Production
and Processing Expo (IPPE), the United States’ largest annual trade
show for the poultry, meat, and feed industries, building on the
theme, “Innovation in agriculture.”
Following the expo, the group will meet with US agribusiness
executives and researchers, including experts at the Georgia Tech Agriculture Technology Research Group and Innovation Lab, to explore innovations that could benefit Pakistan, expand bilateral trade,
and create investment opportunities for US companies.
The group will also visit a peach farm in Georgia, and conduct
meetings with Georgia’ Farm Bureau, Cotton Commission, State
Department of Agriculture, and the US Department of Agriculture’s
Research Service.
Representatives from all four provinces of Pakistan will take
part in the trade mission, as well as officials from the Ministry
of Food Security and Research, the Pakistan Agriculture Research
Council, and the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture
Agriculture is Pakistan’s leading industry, accounting for
more than twenty percent of GDP and two-fifths of employment.
Major products include cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits,
vegetables, dairy, beef, mutton, poultry and eggs.
The United States is Pakistan’s largest trading partner,
exporting $447 million in agricultural goods to Pakistan in
2015. These imports help support Pakistani agricultural exports,
which were $ 3.7 billion in fiscal year 15/16 (July-June).