UN Secretary General urges G 20 leaders to turn Paris Agreement into solid tool against climate related challenges

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon bids farewell to United Nations

HANGZHOU, Sept 4 (APP): The Secretary General of United Nations Organization, Ban Ki-moon here on Sunday urged the leaders attending the G-20 summit to show leadership and turn aspiration of Paris Agreement into a solid tool against the climate related challenges faced by the world in general.

Addressing a press conference, prior to the formal inaugural of the G-20 meeting this afternoon, the UN Secretary General appreciated United States of America and China, world’s top two economic powers, for signing the agreement on Saturday thus providing needed momentum to the effort aimed at reducing the global carbon emission.

Mentioning that USA and China are contributors to the world’s 38 per cent of carbon emissions, he urged the G20 leaders in particular and that of other countries in general to accelerate their domestic ratification process and deposit their respective instruments of ratification with the UN so that Paris Agreement adopted by 195 parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in December 2015 may come into force.

Ban Ki-moon said there were now 26 countries who have signed the Paris Agreement and that another 29 countries needed to follow the suit since a minimum number of 55
countries accounting for 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions are required to ratify it consequently leading to the implementation of global action and investments for
a sustainable low carbon future.

The UN Secretary General mentioning that his tenure would be completed by December this year hoped that G-20 leaders would play their respective roles turning aspirations of global climate agreement into transformative action urgently needed by the world.

The agreement, he said would expedite the efforts aimed at achieving the growth of clean energy and consequently the goals of sustainable development closely linked to the strengthening of international stability and security.

Ban Ki-moon attending the G-20 Hangzhou Summit expressed his confidence that implementation of Paris Agreement would lead towards flexible framework for reducing emission, strengthening climate resilience and providing needed support to the developing economies to build low carbon economies besides adapting to inevitable impacts.

He on the occasion also appreciated China for setting a precedent by inviting to the moot the leaders representing developing as well as least developed economies of the world establishing that it actually believes in inclusiveness.

I am impressed by social and economic development in China and believe that this kind of opportunity should be shared by the entire world, said the UN’s Secretary General in reply to a query raised by journalists.

Appreciating that G-20 summit 2016 would also focus on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, he said there was need for a strong economic push to towards poverty

Poverty must be eliminated in all its form by 2030 and this can be achieved through partnership leaving no one behind, he emphasized.

Reiterating that vision for people is vision for peace that could be promoted through partnership, Ban Ki moon said G-20 summit provides the needed platform for this initiative.