Ulema must create awareness on terrorism: Baleegh ur Rehman

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LAHORE, March 15 (APP): State Minister for Education and Professional Training Engr Baleegh ur Rehman has called upon ulema and religious seminaries to create awareness among the masses on terrorism as the act maligns Islam.
Addressing Annual Prize Distribution and Dastarbandi ceremony
at Jamia tul Kher here on Wednesday, he said terrorism has caused great loss to the country, economy and Islam, adding that innocent people have been killed by terrorists.
The Minister said the ulema must expose those who misguide
people in the name of Islam and Jehad (holy war) and ask people to
beware of such pseudo scholars. He said the ulema must teach patience, humility and kindness.
Engr Baleegh ur Rehman said Islam teaches a lesson of respect, tolerance and peaceful social existence, adding that Islam teaches to respect all religions.
He said ulema should unite and support the government in the
war against terror.
About uniform education system, the minister said class system
is a big issue in the country, adding that the government has been
working on the implementation of a uniform education system in
consultation with the province.
He said a bill would soon be tabled in the National Assembly
for including the education of the holy Quran in syllabus, adding
that Standing Committee of the National Assembly has already approved the manuscript of the bill. Under the bill, reading of the holy Quran will be made compulsory in all educational institutions and madrassahs while the holy Quran will be taught with translation to students of grade VI to XII.
The Minister said the bill would become a part of the
constitution after passage from the National Assembly and the Senate by the end of year. He said it is the need of the hour to provide
religious, secular and technical education to the students.
Provincial Minister Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB)
and Religious Affairs Zaeem Qadri and Chairman Jamia tul Kher
also spoke on the occasion.
Later, the State Minister for Education Baleegh ur Rehman
gave away prizes to the studnets of seminary.