Treasury benches flay opposition for not taking part in budget debate

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ISLAMABAD, June 8 (APP): The lawmakers Thursday criticized the opposition for not participating in the budget debate which

they said indicates something wrong and against the democracy.
Participating in the debate, PML-N Lawmaker, Tehmina Doultana
lauded the government for presenting Rs 4.57 trillion
budget for the upcoming year.
She said that the country’s economy had shown visible positive signs during the outgoing fiscal year as the growth rate had risen to 5.3 percent.
She said that the agriculture and industrial sectors had also shown considerable growth.
She said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would bring about development revolution in the country as it would help overcome energy crisis and materialize the one road one belt concept by connecting different regions.
She said that the boycott by the opposition showed something foul and tantamount to invite non-democratic forces to take over the country again.
She demanded that JIT should also be set up to probe the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
Participating in the debate, Rajab Ali Baloch said that some parties urged the treasury benches to negotiate with those parties which have been hijacked by opposition parties to opt for walk out.
We can bring these parties to the house by holding talks with them he said and criticized the opposition leader for delivering sermons daily and then walking out from the house.
He said that PML-N had always promoted democracy adding that the people would definitely decide what party they favour during the
general election 2018.
He said that Imran Khan had invented a machine which cleans the people of corrupt background and makes them neat to join his party for the change.
Taking part in the discussion Iftikhar Aziz termed the budget pro-people and balanced one.
However, he added that it was disappointed for the opposition as there was nothing for the opposition to criticize it.
He said CPEC was not only a game changer for the region but also a live example of Pak-China deep friendship.
He said CPEC and Gwadar Port were parts of the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s vision to steer the country on road of progress and prosperity.
He said Pakistan could easily earn $ 12-14 billion from Gwadar port annually which would help pay back all loans in next 4 to 5 years.
He said some forces were hatching conspiracies to derail the process of development but expressed the hope that they would never succeed.
He appreciated the government for announcing incentives for
agri sector including cheap electricity to the farmers and abolishing
GST on pesticides and subsidy on fertilizers.

Taking part in the budget discussion Mian Javed Latif said
Nawaz Sharif and his family presented for accountability but lamented that no action was taken against the person who was disrespecting
Supreme Court, Election Commission of Pakistan and other institutions.
He demanded Nehal Hashmi like action against the said person for disrespecting the constitutional institutions. He said that there should be accountability but it should be across the board.
MNA Sabiha appreciated the government and the finance minister for presenting people friendly budget for the next year. She claimed that ordinary people had also welcomed the budget. She said population was growing rapidly which should be controlled.
Zara Wadood stressed the need for improving health facilities across the country. She also called for overcoming malnutrition adding that the government has been focussing on infrastructure which could not be beneficial unless we have healthy youth.
She said Pakistan was at the verge of default in 2013 but the incumbent government put the country in right direction.
Muhammad Khan lauded the government for announcing several incentives to the agri sector. He suggested the more import duty should be imposed
on dry milk to flourish local industry.
He said agriculture is a backbone of the country which
needs special attention. He said we have to construct big dams
to reserve water for our future need. He suggested that Kalabagh
dam should also be constructed besides other dams which would not only mitigate flooding but also huge areas could bring under cultivation.
Farhana Qamar also lauded the government for presenting 5th consecutive budget. She said more funds were allocated for development in
the budget.
Waheed Alam Khan suggested the pension of old age beneficiary institution should be fixed at least Rs 10,000 per month and it should also be enhanced every year like pension of other pensioners. He called for taking special steps to revive PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills.
He criticized Imran Khan for levelling baseless
allegation against PML-N leadership. He said Nawaz Sharif turned down all monetary offers and external pressure and conducted nuclear tests
in 1998.
Pir Muhammad Aslam Bodla said special attention was given to almost all sectors in the budget. He suggested that out reach of health card
scheme and Benazir Income Support programme should be expanded
as directly related to poor strata of society.
He also suggested the at least work on one big dam should
be started this year.
Nisar Ahmad Jutt also appreciated the government for
presenting people friendly budget. He called for setting up high
court bench in Faisalabad.
Kiran Haider termed the budget balance and pro people. She
came on hard on PPP for criticizing the government and said PPP
did nothing during their regime and now pointing fingers at the
PML-N rule. She also criticized Imran Khan for his flop
policies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Syed Ayaz Shah Sherazi said dams were imperative for progress
of the country and suggested that work on Diamer Bhasha dam should immediately be started.
He said PPP even did not spare Hajj pilgrims during their regime and now were trying to wage war against corruption. He said even billions of rupees were recovered from the homes of PPP provincial ministers.
Romina Alam Khan congratulated the Finance Minister and government for presenting the 5th budget. She demanded that there should be proper
audit of minority fund. She also called for enhancing budget
of Pakistan Bait ul Mal.
Chaudhary Hamid Hameed said the PML-N government inherited power, gas load-shedding, terrorism and law and order. However, the government under the able leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif succeeded to overcome gas and power load shedding.
He expressed the hope that the PML:-N would win the next general election with thumping majority.
Later the House was adjourned to meet again on Friday at 11:00 am.