Those who target innocent people not to be spared : Nisar

Those who target innocent people not to be spared : Nisar

ISLAMABAD, Feb 18 (APP): Minister for Interior, Chaudhry Nisar
Khan on Saturday said that those who target innocent people, whether
they are inside the country or come from foreign lands would not be
“It has been established that Afghan refugees have also been used during these terrorists incidents. I appeal to Afghan refugees not to be used and identify those black sheep among them who facilitate terrorists and terrorists activities,” the Minister said this while talking to a group of journalists here.
The Minister said those involved in recent terrorist attacks in Peshawer and Lahore along with their facilitator have been identified.
He said the investigations into recent terrorist attacks has established that a coordinated effort was being made to disrupt improving peace and normalcy in the country, adding that it has become very clear that foreign powers and their intelligence agencies were involved in creating unrest in Pakistan.
The Minister said that during the recent high level security meeting it has been decided that even diplomatic consideration would not impede actions aimed at ensuring national security and peace.
He noted that Pakistani nation has been hosting Afghan refugees for the last 30 years and has looked after them despite its own problems. It is now the responsibility of the Afghan refugees to identify black sheep who are disrupting the peace of Pakistan.
The Minister said that main facilitator of Lahore terrorist attack has been nabbed. Some more arrests were made last night from Hazro, Taxila and Attock. On the occasion, the Minister also appreciated work of intelligence agencies which had worked hard to arrest not just the main facilitator of the attack but all those who were linked with attacks in Lahore within 24 hours.
He said the civil and military leadership has decided to deal with recent wave of terrorism with iron hands. The decision was taken during high level meetings held in wake of recent terrorist incidents in the country.
Stressing upon the need for national unity at this hour, the Minister said that the same spirit and unity is needed today which was displayed by the nation after the APS attack, adding that our unity and resolve is our real strength.
He pointed out that the present government had successfully
fought a situation when, on daily basis 5-6 terrorist attacks used
to take place back in June 2013. Similarly, this time also we would
face the challenge with the nation’s support and prayers.
He maintained that the policies of the government pursued during the last three years and continuing operations against the militants had clipped the terrorist operations and their evil actions in Pakistan. The actions against the militants had forced them to fled from Pakistan and build their headquarters and training centers across the border in foreign countries.
Regarding the blast in Sehwan Sharif Chaudhry Nisar said significant breakthrough is yet to be made into the incident. He, however, observed that it was unfortunate that some people in order to hide their criminal negligence and poor performance were doing politics on this incident.
He said that during the last three years he had strictly followed a principle not to blame anyone or attempt making political gains against his opponents over terrorist incidents but the statements issued during the last 24 hours by few political leaders of a party are highly regrettable. This, he continued, shows their performance and their mentality.
The Minister questioned that security of Sehwan Sharif Mazar was a federal government responsibility or was of provincial government?
Ch. Nisar said that he had himself witnessed poor level of security level being provided to Sehwan Sharif but would refrain from commenting on it. He said that if such statements would continue, he would bring all the facts and figures in regards to security of Sehwan Sharif before the people of Sindh and the country.
The Minister said he has never indulged in politics on the issues of national security as he firmly believes that such a tendency can seriously undermine the successes achieved by the law enforcement agencies and the army and people of Pakistan after rendering huge sacrifices in their fight against the menace of terrorism. But negatively skewed propaganda and the agenda of a political party necessitated his clarification.
Regarding measures being taken to cope with the situation, the recent actions is the first response from overall strategy evolved and the goals set during the recent high level meetings.
He said that more actions would follow to eliminate terrorism emanating from foreign lands as well as against their facilitators present inside the country.
The Minister reiterated that terrorists and their facilitators would be dealt with iron hands and in coming days and weeks and action would be taken without any consideration whatsoever.