Sindh Governor hails contribution of christian community

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KARACHI, July 25 (APP): Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair
here Tuesday hailed the contribution made by members of christian
community for promotion of education and health sectors in the
Talking to a 13-member delegation of New Apostolic Church, led by
Rev. John Qadir, he said services rendered by citizens belonging to
different communities, including christians, has paved the way for
social development in the country.
“Our country owes its development and progress to the committed
citizens with different religious backgrounds and from varied walks of
life,” said the Governor of Sindh.
He on the occasion also extensively discussed measures being
adopted for social, political and economic empowerment of minority
Special attention is also being paid for development work in the
areas inhabited by people with limited resources and assured that
problems shared by the delegation regarding christian community will
be duly addressed.
“The federal government is particularly working on a road-map
focussed on economic development,” said the provincial governor.
Mentioning that a special development package is being envisaged
for Karachi, he said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has taken
upon himself to ensure meaningful development across the Sindh.
“Funds have also been issued for development work in Jacobabad,
Thatta, Hyderabad, alongwith Karachi and other parts of the province,”
he said.
With particular reference to Karachi, he said restoration of law
and order has led to surge in investment in the commercial hub of the