Sindh Governor assures solution of problems faced by minority members

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KARACHI, May. 31 (APP): Treating the members of minority
communities well in any given muslim society was an important component of Islamic teachings, Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair said on Wednesday.
Talking to General Secretary of PML (N), Sindh’s minority wing,
Khaildas Kohistani at Governor House, he said founders of Pakistan
were also absolutely committed to protect the rights of non-muslim
citizens of the country.
“Infact they firmly believed in equal rights for all citizens of
Pakistan, including religious freedom without any distinction,”
the Sindh Governor added.
He said “it was because of their steadfast approach and strength
of character that our leaders laid foundation of a society where
religious minorities achieved indisputable success in all fields of
Responding to the complaints registered by PML-N’s minority wing
in particular context of dearth of development work in their
respective areas of residence, the Governor said federal government
accorded top priority to development.
“Cognizant of their limitations constitution of the country
extends special concessions to minority communities,” he said.
Elaborating his stance, he said a significant quota had been
reserved for non muslim Pakistanis in policy making bodies, government
departments, educational and professional training institutions etc.
“This is besides the fact that minority members can also contest
or apply on open seats through sheer basis of merit,” he said.
Sindh governor said provincial government was also conscious of
problems faced by people in general and this particularly include
those representing minority communities.
He assured that laws adopted at provincial and national
assemblies for social rights of non-muslim communities would be
implemented in right spirit through close coordination among
government functionaries, community leaders and public representative
of concerned areas.
Khaildas Kohistani appreciated interest shown by the government
to wards the issues specific to non muslim citizens of the province
and hoped that efforts would be made to expedite enforcement of laws
adopted for protection of the rights of minority communities.