SC must address reservations about JIT: Marriyum


ISLAMABAD, June 17 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to the
media here Saturday said that the reservations of the Sharif family regarding JIT presented to the apex court were legal and constitutional, therefore, the SC must not only take notice of them but should also
address them on priority basis.
Any decision by the joint investigation team (JIT) without
addressing the reservations of Sharif family by the Supreme Court,
would be incomplete, she added.
She said that the Sharif family, notwithstanding their reservations
and the suspicion-laden atmosphere, had adopted a legal and constitutional course as it firmly believed in upholding the sanctity of law and the constitution. The family, she said, had been through the process of accountability during the PPP and Musharraf regimes and every time it
had emerged unscathed from the rigours of the accountability processes. After passing through testing times Nawaz Sharif was elected prime
minister for the third time.
The minister expressed the hope that the prime minister would
ultimately be vindicated and would emerge victorious from the current accountability process as well as from the court of the people next
She reiterated that the prime minister had created history by
appearing before the JIT. The allegations against the prime minister
were absolutely baseless and false and his appearance before the JIT
showed his abiding belief in upholding the law and the constitution,
she said, adding that appearance of Shehbaz Sharif was also to
reiterate respect for law and the constitution.
She said that it was also obligatory on all the state institutions
to uphold the law and the constitution as had been done by the prime minister.
The minister of state said that documents relating to the letter
of the Qatari Prince had also been submitted in the SC and the Prince
had also said that he firmly stood by the contents of his letter.
She said that Nawaz Sharif was ruling the hearts of the masses that
was why so many workers were on the roads of Islamabad to show solidarity with him.
The minister emphatically declared that nobody could come up with or
prove any case of corruption against the prime minister during his three stints in that august office and as chief minister of Punjab. Similarly,
not a single case of corruption had ever been reported against Shehbaz Sharif during his three tenures as chief minister of the province, she
Answering a question about Imran’s threat to come on the streets,
the minister said that unfortunately he was destined to fathom the
roads that the prime minister was building and to obstruct the process
of development that had put the country on the road to a sustained
economic growth.
She said that Imran was an absconder from the anti-terrorist court,
the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the SC, and if he had
the courage and any grain of conscience, he should come down from his temporary hilly abode to face the charges against him to show his respect for the law and the constitution.
The minister pointed out that Imran was crying hoarse from every
convenient roof-top about accountability but when it came to
accountability of his own ministers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he locked
down the Ehtesab Commission.
Marriyum said that all those, who had different charges against
them, should also be put through the process of expeditious
accountability like the prime minister.
Meanwhile, the minister, in a statement, has severely condemned the
tirade unleashed by Imran Khan against the prime minister and his family,
saying Imran Khan had reverted to the language that he uttered during the “dharna” standing on the container because he was convinced that his negative and false politics was coming to an end.
She said that Imran was himself a thief and, therefore, he also
considered others like him. Before raising an accusing finger at others
he should mention and answer for the corruption done by his father, she
The MOS said that the people of Pakistan had rejected those who had
attacked the parliament and the constitutional institutions, and
practiced politics of insults and derision.
Marriyum urged Imran Khan to tell the public that he was facing cases
relating to terrorism, concealing of wealth and receiving funding from
Jews and Hindus.
She said that the lust for power had made Imran a mentally deranged
person and prayed that Allah might save Pakistan and democracy from his disruptive designs and depravity.
Imran was an absconder from the courts in Pakistan and California,
and before indulging in mudslinging on the daughters and daughters-in-law
of others he should adopt his own daughter by placing a patronizing hand
on her head, she added.
The minister observed that Imran Khan acting on the agenda of enemies
of Pakistan like a puppet had created an atmosphere of instability in
the country during the last two years.
She said that while the prime minister and the Sharif family had
bowed before the law and the constitution, Imran had recklessly violated
and denigrated the law and the constitution and used abusive language incessantly.
Marriyum pointed out that Imran had again started hurling threats
at the media houses, constitutional institutions, Supreme Court and
media houses, therefore, the SC must also take suo moto notice of it.