SC disqualified Nawaz Sharif for not taking money from son: Daniyal

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 2 (APP): PML-N Member of National Assembly
Daniyal Aziz Wednesday said the Supreme Court disqualified Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif for not taking money from his son and the petitioners
could not prove their charges against him.
Talking to media persons here outside the Supreme Court, he
claimed that the Supreme Court heard the case presented by the
Sharif family partially in the Panama Papers case and formed
a joint investigation team.
He said the name of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was not even
mentioned in the Panama Papers. The Jamaat-e-Islami later filed
an amended petition to include the name of Nawaz Sharif in
the case, he added.
He said despite all the investigation, not a single evidence
was produced to prove the case of tax evasion and money laundering
against Nawaz Sharif.
He said Imran Khan, Sirajul Haq and Sheikh Rashid Ahmed in
their petitions had stated that mega corruption cases should be
probed, but in the end no evidence could be given.
The Capital FZE company was not even mentioned in any
petition, he said, adding the Panama Papers decision was based
on an ‘Iqama’.
Daniyal said a day-to-day hearing of the Panama Papers case
was held, but the same was not being done in the case of Imran Khan
and Jehangir Tareen.
Only Nawaz Sharif was tried, but the cases of 499 other people,
whose names were mentioned in the Panama Papers, were not taken up,
he added.
Imran Khan, he said, did not submit the documents for purchase
of a flat in London.
Daniyal said Imran Khan’s lawyer had admitted that the Pakistan
Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) took foreign funding.
He said Imran Khan failed to provide money trail in his case.
He even did not provide contract of his job with the cricket league,
but only provided contract of another cricketer Mushtaq Ahmed.