Rugby level I coaching course concludes


LAHORE, June 13 (APP): The Pakistan Rubgy Union (PRU) conducted
Level I Coaching Course in Peshawar under the Get into Rugby
programme and sixteen were awarded certificates for successfully
completing the beneficial activity.
A spokesman of the PRU told APP here on Tuesday that the
course was participated by players from Peshawar, Fata, Dera
Adam Khal, Waziristan, Jamrod, Landi Kotil and various part
of the province. Pakistan Rugby Union Head Coach and Asian
Rugby Educator Shakil Ahmed Malik from Lahore conducted the
one day course which aimed at upgrading the existing knowledge
of the participants participated.
The participants included RB Gul, Arif Gul, Mohammad Qaiser,
Mohammad Saeed, Faiz Alam Afridi, Habibullah, Naeem Khan, Safiulah,
Naushad Ahmed, Ajab Khan, Jawadullah, Adil Afridi, Shaharyar Ahmed,
Aun Bhatti, Ahmed Suktan and Rahmat Ullah.
“With the efforts of the PRU, rugby programs are being conducted
in various parts of the country and people from all walks of life
and students are taking part in this programme”, he added.
He said in the second phase of the course players will be given
an opportunity to figure in the practice matches and in the third
phase, these players would become true professional players. Now
these 16 coaches will spread the sport in their respective areas. p