Research is vital for diagnosis, treatment of ailments: Zubair

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KARACHI, March 11 (APP): Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair Saturday
said that research plays a vital role in diagnosis and treatment of
various diseases.
He was talking to delegates of a conference on gastroenteritis
and liver ailments at the Governor House here.
The delegation was headed by eminent surgeon Dr Saad Khalid
The Governor said that gastroenteritis and liver ailments were
quite common and there is a need to foster awareness for prevention.
The modern research would help towards the diagnosis and
treatment of various ailments, he added.
Zubair said that the holding of the international conferences and
participation of doctors and surgeons from abroad augurs well.
Such events, he further pointed out, help create a positive image
of Karachi at international level, he added.
Head of the delegation, Dr Saad Khalid Niaz, informed the
Governor that experts from various countries are attending the three
day moot which will help enhance the knowledge of the doctors.