ISLAMABAD, Jan 26 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday
said research-based education was vital to help the country attain
economic self-reliance.
“Only those nations flourish which have solid educational foundation and give priority to research and scientific development,” the President said addressing at an event on importance of education in national economy, here at the Air University.
President Mamnoon said education is the only way of reforming
societies and giving economic self-reliance to nations.
He stressed the need to adopt modern practices in the field of
education to achieve the goal of economic independence by
introducing revolutionary research methods particularly in higher
education sector.
Such concepts should be promoted to make youth useful citizens
of society, he added.
President Mamnoon said Muslim history was filled with shining examples of personalities who contributed significantly for the benefit of mankind.
However, he regretted that Muslim societies today lacked the heritage of their forefathers by shunning education and research.
President Mamnoon called upon the nation to support the national development projects particularly China Pakistan Economic Corridor for a bright prosperous future.
He asked the nation to beware of those who were creating hurdles in national development by opposing foreign investment.
He said Pakistan would become an important country in the region within next decade.
He said previous governments wasted national resources and did not pay heed to the projects of education and health.
The President mentioned that the present government was investing in education sector, however said still needed to be done to achieve the target of allocating 4 percent of GDP for this sector.
He expressed confidence that Air University being a subsidiary institute of prestigious Pakistan Air Force would make positive contribution in the field of education.