Rabbani for competent uniform institution for accountability


ISLAMABAD, Jun 1 (APP): Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani Wednesday stressed the need to have a competent uniform institution for accountability in the country.

Addressing the first session of 8th batch of the Youth Parliament here, Raza Rabbani said that a transparent accountability mechanism should be evolved for having a uniform accountability of every one.

He said politicians were being negatively portrayed for their involvement in corruption but accountability should be for every one, he stressed.

He urged to revisit laws of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) particularly those should be studied which were overlapping.

He suggested that NAB and FIA should be made autonomous bodies and answerable to the parliament.
There should be a body with the participation of segment of the society, he added.

He said such body should be run by honest people of the country who make references and send to the court.
This was the only best way to move forward, he added.
He said that it was a high time to establish the constitution as most sacred document of the country with an aim to strengthen all institutions working under the constitution and ensuring good relations among institutions.

He however said that this a revolutionary process which would take time.

There were vested interest but there was a potential to make it, he added.

He said that a parliamentary committee on national security in the parliament was constituted in the previous government tenure.

All stakeholders were on board and heads of major institutions regularly attended the committee meetings.
He said that committee had formulated 88 recommendations.

He said such committee should be formed again.
He said a positive institutional dialogue should be started at different levels.

He expressed the hope that the youth parliament would serve better for the cause of involving country’s youth in politics in future particularly when students unions were not working.

He was optimistic that like past, the present youth assembly would continue the traditions of previous youth assemblies.
He congratulated the PILDAT for successful holding sessions of Youth Assembly.

He advised the PILDAT to consider having a Upper House in the Youth Assembly also.